Thursday, 21 August 2014

Buying Baby Toys

Some useful Tips when Buying Baby Toys

It does not matter whether a couple already has a baby or is expecting one, buying baby toys is always an excitement for the parents. The new parents turn to kids themselves when they see a great diversity of baby toys of all possible shapes and colors in the shops.

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Though choosing a toy for a small baby requires maximum attention and consideration, yet the mere excitement of shopping for baby equipments is quite infectious. However, you need to follow certain guidelines when buying baby toys. In the article below you can find some useful tips when buying baby toys helping you to avoid possible dangers.

When talking about baby toys there is one thing that new parents should think about – the toys are created not only for kid’s amusement but also for certain educational purposes. The small babies learn from all their senses and a perfect toy is one that can stimulate all the baby’s senses in one: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Another thing that parents should consider when buying toys is the baby’s age as these toys can pose a hazard to the small kids or are not able to get their attention. Actually, selecting right toys for you baby might be quite confusing, so follow these tips to buy baby toys smartly.


- The first thing that your small baby will do with a new toy is putting it into his mouth. And, believe us this is the main way how kids explore their surroundings and the world. That is why it is extremely important to pay maximum attention to the materials a toy is made of. Remember that some cheap plastics are toxic and can cause serious poisoning to your toddler. The thing you should do when buying baby toys is smell the toy: the acrid odor is the first sign that the toy is not safe. Look at the colors: too bright and acid colors are the main indicators of cheap plastics. Ask the shop assistant to show you the certificate of quality to make sure that the toy is absolutely safe. The toy should not contain any small pieces as they can be easily swallowed or cause asphyxia.

- As long as every toy you buy goes straight to baby’s mouth you have check whether the toy can be easily washed and disinfected. Remember that some sorts of materials are just perfect for germs to germinate.

- The toys are the first baby’s friends and also have to help baby`s development. When buying baby toys you should pay your attention to those playthings that improve baby’s fine motor skills and stimulate all the toddler’s senses. But consider your baby’s physiological characteristics. Some of the kids can be easily scared by too loud sounds or too bright colors or erratic movements of the mechanical toys.

Note that playing with toys should be an exciting, educating and safe experience to your child and the most expensive toy is not always the best one.