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Fertility Signs

There are plenty of fertility signs that you can learn to recognize and keep an eye out for during your monthly ovulation and menstrual cycle. Being familiar with your own fertility cycle, and being able to identify the tell tale signs and symptoms which are your body’s way of telling you when you are at your most fertile, are great ways to ensure that you are taking all of the right steps on your journey to conception and pregnancy. Keeping a daily fertility chart or diary is a great way of getting familiar with your fertility signs

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Fertility Signs – Basal Body Temperature

One of the most commonly observed fertility signs is the rise in (waking) Basal Body Temperature (BBT) which occurs when you are ovulating. In the first half of a woman’s cycle, pre-ovulation, her typical waking temperature ranges between 36 .1°C/97.0 °F and 36.4°/97.4 °F. After ovulation her waking BBT temperature rises to about 36.5 °C/97.5°F to 37.0°C/98.6°F. The temperature elevation remains until the woman reaches her period. The best way to utilize BBT as a fertility sign is to keep a daily record or graph of your waking temperature. When you have at least one month’s worth of data, you will be able to begin looking for patterns of low and high temperatures – you average temperature will be lower before ovulation and higher after ovulation.

It is important that you are aware that there will be other factors in your life that can affect your waking BBT, these include:

Having a fever
Drinking alcohol the night before
Getting less than three hours of sleep before you take your temperature reading
Allowing large variances in the times of day that you are taking your temperature
Sleeping on an electric blanket (if you don’t normally use one)
Fertility Signs – Cervical Fluid (Cervical Mucus)

Cervical fluid or cervical mucus is another excellent fertility sign that you can use to chart your fertility. You may or may not have noticed that your cervical fluid changes in consistency and quantity throughout your monthly cycle. Essentially, these changes occur because during ovulation your body is trying to provide a hospitable environment to transport the sperm to the egg. Outside of the time that you have an egg ready for fertilization, your body does not need to produce sperm-friendly cervical fluid. To use the observation of cervical fluid as a fertility sign, keep a record of the changes that you notice throughout your cycle. When you are at your most fertile you will notice that your cervical fluid resembles raw egg white – the consistency is extremely slippery and stretchy. After your estrogen levels have peaked during the most fertile part of your cycle, you will notice your cervical fluid quickly changes and dries up.

Fertility Signs – Cervical Position

Your cervix goes through a lot of changes throughout your monthly fertility cycle, learning to recognize your cervical changes will provide you with further fertility signs. As with the cervical fluid, the cervix prepares itself to be hospitable to sperm and the resultant possibility of pregnancy. You can reach your cervix through your vagina with your finger tips; it is often described as feeling like the tip of your nose. Around the time that you are ovulating, your cervix changes to become soft and open, to allow sperm passage to the uterus. If you are using cervical position as a fertility sign, when you are approaching ovulation, your cervix will feel soft, high (extending into the vagina) open and wet. These sensations are contrasted to the feeling of your cervix outside of the fertility period of your cycle – at these times the cervix will feel firm, low, closed and nonwet.

More Fertility Signs

Here are some additional fertility signs that you can keep an eye out for while you are keeping track of your main fertility indicators. Not all women experience these fertility signs, while others experience them irregularly, but they are still very practical to assist you in identifying the fertile phases of your cycle. Further fertility signs include:

Mid-cycle spotting
Pain or achiness in the lower abdomen
Increased sex drive
Fuller or swollen vaginal lips and vulva
Bloating in the abdomen
Water retention
Increased energy levels
Heightened senses – smell, vision, taste
Increased sensitivity of skin and breasts
Tender breasts
Enlarged lymph node in the groin – indicative of which ovary you will ovulate from

Adjustable Dumbbell Set: Part Of Every Woman’s Home Gym

Many women enjoy working out in the privacy of their own homes, however, may not have much space. If you are like me, you find yourself pushing aside coffee tables and toys to carve out a little space for the daily workout. Or perhaps, you head for the great outdoors to sweat under the sun. Either way, you need workout equipment that is portable, space saving and functional at the same time. There are a few essentials when it comes to equipping your home gym, and as you will see, an adjustable dumbbell set gets top spot on the list.

Why Adjustable Dumbbells?

I have no room for a big dumbbell rack in my home and no few people who do. Instead of collecting all sorts of different dumbbell sizes you can purchase an adjustable dumbbell set that is an incredible space saver. I only have to find room for two, relatively small dumbbells as opposed to a whole rack full of weights. Adjustable dumbbells are easy to use, functional and make for an incredibility efficient routine. You can see more about adjustable dumbbells @
I no longer have to set the weights down, go pick up new ones and regroup as I can now transfer seamlessly into exercises without a pause in between. This makes adjustable dumbbells great for interval training.

Where to Purchase Dumbbells

Do some homework, read some reviews, before purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set. They vary in price and style, and it is important that you pick a set that will be comfortable for you. Many online retailers sell adjustable dumbbells, as do local sports and fitness stores.

Gym Mat

Once you purchase your adjustable dumbbell set there are few other essential items to purchase for your home gym. A great exercise mat is a critical element, especially for floor exercises and stretching. Go for a mat that is easy to clean and will roll up tight with a bag for storage.

Other Home Gym Equipment

A set of exercise bands and a medicine ball round out any home gym, When you combine these fitness tools with an adjustable dumbbell set you will be all set for a well-rounded workout. The great news is that your home gym can be easily stored in a closet or small corner. Getting fit does not require a whole lot of space. Now you have no excuse to get working out!

Toro WORX WG650 Snow Blower Review

the only reason why I did not give it 5 stars are the fact that it came with 1 tire deflated (it’s losing air every couple of days- I’ve contacted customer support, and am awaiting a response about that), and the fact that the skid plates have gotten rusty very quickly – after 1st use. again – this is my first machine so maybe I’m expecting too much of it, but I’m learning as I go. Other than that – this snow thrower rocks!

I liked mine so much I purchased one, for my brother, I have read people who are concerned with the power of an electric. The Toro 1800 Power Curve has plenty of power and higher RPMs than a gas thrower. No blower works great in all condition. However in the snow we have had here in northern NJ it has no problem throwing snow 20 to 30 feet. I highly recommend this thrower. It is better than throwers in its class that and a little larger. But its not a match for a big rig.

I have read some complain about small wheels. The wheels are just fine thank you! This blower will blow snow like crazy but It is not up to punching through the plow wall. I break up the plow wall with a shovel then blow it away. I calculate several inches of snow on my driveway weighs about 40 tousand pounds. This blower moves almost all of that and saves your back and heart for having fun in the snow.

Good Job Toro! Very convenient

Review by : Sam I Am – I’ve been using this snowthrower for 5 years now, and it works ok, but has definite limitations. If you have a driveway that’s longer than 30 feet, then seriously consider buying a gas-powered one. To me, the hassles of using this snow thrower is balanced by the relatively few days of heavy snow where I live, and also by my dislike of maintaining gas-powered tools. Recommended with reservations.

WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is a top of the line snow removal unit. This is a great product that delivers incredible results. It will help you get through the long winter months with ease. You will love how well this product works for you clearing snow.

It is perfect for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. This machine will get practically any job done in record time. It has a lightweight design, making it incredibly maneuverable and easy to use. It is also extremely ergonomically designed and is one of the most comfortable snow blowers available on the market today.

The WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower gives you an 18-inch by 9-inch path so that you will be done removing snow in no time. It even has a 30-foot launching distance so that the snow will be completely out of your way. With a 180-degree rotating chute, it has never been easier to get rid of snow.

Buying Baby Toys

Some useful Tips when Buying Baby Toys

It does not matter whether a couple already has a baby or is expecting one, buying baby toys is always an excitement for the parents. The new parents turn to kids themselves when they see a great diversity of baby toys of all possible shapes and colors in the shops.

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Though choosing a toy for a small baby requires maximum attention and consideration, yet the mere excitement of shopping for baby equipments is quite infectious. However, you need to follow certain guidelines when buying baby toys. In the article below you can find some useful tips when buying baby toys helping you to avoid possible dangers.

When talking about baby toys there is one thing that new parents should think about – the toys are created not only for kid’s amusement but also for certain educational purposes. The small babies learn from all their senses and a perfect toy is one that can stimulate all the baby’s senses in one: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Another thing that parents should consider when buying toys is the baby’s age as these toys can pose a hazard to the small kids or are not able to get their attention. Actually, selecting right toys for you baby might be quite confusing, so follow these tips to buy baby toys smartly.


- The first thing that your small baby will do with a new toy is putting it into his mouth. And, believe us this is the main way how kids explore their surroundings and the world. That is why it is extremely important to pay maximum attention to the materials a toy is made of. Remember that some cheap plastics are toxic and can cause serious poisoning to your toddler. The thing you should do when buying baby toys is smell the toy: the acrid odor is the first sign that the toy is not safe. Look at the colors: too bright and acid colors are the main indicators of cheap plastics. Ask the shop assistant to show you the certificate of quality to make sure that the toy is absolutely safe. The toy should not contain any small pieces as they can be easily swallowed or cause asphyxia.

- As long as every toy you buy goes straight to baby’s mouth you have check whether the toy can be easily washed and disinfected. Remember that some sorts of materials are just perfect for germs to germinate.

- The toys are the first baby’s friends and also have to help baby`s development. When buying baby toys you should pay your attention to those playthings that improve baby’s fine motor skills and stimulate all the toddler’s senses. But consider your baby’s physiological characteristics. Some of the kids can be easily scared by too loud sounds or too bright colors or erratic movements of the mechanical toys.

Note that playing with toys should be an exciting, educating and safe experience to your child and the most expensive toy is not always the best one.